How to Show KDE Copy Window Always on Top



This post is related to my previous post here about how to show transfer progress by a window when copying files instead of by systray notification on KDE. I also publish a video about this on YouTube.

Then I got a comment that asking:

Is it possible to show progress bar in popup window automatically without having to click on the panel?

Esteban Vidal González

The answer is YES, it’s possible.


KDE provide us a tool to manage window, search “Window Rules” from menu.

Then click “New” button to create new window rule.

On “Window matching” tab please fill some fields like this screenshot.

Then on “Arrangement & Access” tab set like this.

The last config is on “Appearance & Fixes” tab, follow this configuration.

Then click on “OK” button and apply the rule.

Try to copy big files to see the changes effect.

Hope it can help you, good luck.


    • Hi,

      Can you provide additional information about what OS do you use and what’s the version of your KDE?
      FYI I’m using Kubuntu 18.04 and it does work, I have published a video about it here:

      Hope this helps you.


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